Tis the season….

18 Dec

As the end of the calendar years draws near, we look back and reflect on recent days gone by. How many smiles and moments you shared with friends, old and new? How much time was spent staring at a screen? How much effort was really put, to make others know their worth? How many of your true passions were indulged? Did your business meet  its maximum growth potential? With so many internet platforms to communicate freely across the globe, one would think that networking and keeping in touch with loved ones would take place on a daily basis. Firmly believing that any sort of fear based media rhetoric, is never a good thing. 2012, end of the world conspiracy theorists, find many ways to feed peoples fears and a laundry list of planetary alignment, “scientific” information and mathematical equations that loads us up on pending doom. Not many of us, truly wanna believe this, but in the back of everyones mind, theres a small part of us that has doubt. Thats always a good thing to have. That will be enough motivation to have people step outside of their comfort zone and experience life. A range of emotions and actions can spring forth and people will eel more inclined to maybe go for their dreams; have that cathartic experience. Motivation to pursue ones passions, should be embraced, regardless of the source.

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