Instagram is hustling

19 Dec

The privacy issue has been a heated battle on Facebook and ever since its acquisition of Instagram, we should all expect privacy to go out the window in a similar fashion. The Twitter universe is a buzz about this and wether or not people are going to be sticking with the popular picture filtering platform. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re sitting on. As of January 16  Instagram will now be the proud owner of millions of “duck faces, memes and peoples meals.


While taking a tiny step back and looking at it from Instagrams point of view, I know times are tough for Facebook and those billions of dollars on ad space and now user generated revenue is also raking in more than a few shekels. Having to run servers that can handle gargantuan amounts of images does come with a price. We get it. Theres many other ways that Instagram could generate money, other than the users themselves.

What if it was put to a vote, sort of like the last Facebook policy change? Would you rather see a couple ads throughout Instagram? Pictures along the sides that we’ve grown accustomed to ignoring on Facebook.  or knowing that they have the rights to our beloved pics?

If one truly values their life and time, add up all the hours people spend taking pictures, not to mention the retakes and finding just the right pose! Then the editing time (on or off a phone) and say each hour was worth $6  .. That’d put an end to the recession!!

How much is peoples privacy worth? Cruising through all of the major social media platforms, would have you believe that people cherish it to no end. But the reality is, people will continue to post. If you really want images to stay private. Dont post them on a globally used platform. But the underlying thought that few will be willing to admit, is that people just looooooooove attention. Not to mention that everyone considers themselves to be incredibly amusing and full of interesting data with never-ending revenue to this wealth of knowledge.

Most people wanna see their faces in print. So if Instagram decides to sell your image to a sporting goods store in Florida, and runs ads on the local stations and papers and possible some billboards. Even if there is no monetary compensation. A lot of folks will get a kick out of it and thats the reason it will continue to thrive.


ERRRyday, EERryyyday Im hustlin

Reginald Braithwaite, an author and software developer, posted a “translation” of the new Instagram policy: “You are not our customers, you are the cattle we drive to market and auction off to the highest bidder. Enjoy your feed and keep producing the milk.”

You have until January 16 to delete or carry on. Unless someone can convince Instagram to monetize differently  But who are we to suggest a new business model?


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  1. Stephanie (Bennis) Shirley December 19, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    When I first heard this news I was sure it would be become a major debate for many people as to whether they’ll stay or leave. Any social resource that people enjoy and then become reliant upon will not fair well when drastically changed–especially when these changes threaten people’s personal sense of security. This is one major decision that will forever impact instagram!

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