Driverless cars are here!

20 Dec

In the not so distant future, driverless cars will be a part of our everyday lives. With this of course comes a plethora of questions, although the first question that comes to mind…..

Who are these intended for?

NOT a designated driver

So far only three U.S. states have passed laws permitting driverless cars as of September 2012: Nevada, Florida and California.

In August 2012, the road test team for Google, announced that they have completed over 300,000 autonomous-driving miles accident-free, averaging about a dozen cars on the road at any given time.

All those “ghost driven” cars and urban legends are suddenly losing credibility :/

Thousands of handicapped people will be able to get around and run errands, commute to work and possibly travel for leisure, without having to rely on another person. We all know somebody who would greatly benefit from technology like this being readily available. The liberating feeling of independence, is hard to put a price tag on.

While Google was the first to road test and prototype a driverless car; Continental, a German auto supplier developing car automation technology, has also been developing a driver assist system. The company says “the vehicle is capable of cruising down an open freeway as well as negotiating heavy rush-hour traffic.” in a recent press release.

According to the MADD website, in 2011, 9,878 people were killed and approximately 350,000 were injured. In no way is that a way fo condoning driving under the influence of anything. But it does give one some peace of mind knowing that our loved ones will be safer on the city streets. Joggers, cyclists, skaters and lots of other outdoor exercises will especially enjoy knowing that cars equipped with this technology will be the ones surrounding them.

Continental says that it has more than 1,250 specialists working on automation technologies, and aims to reach automation by 2025, with “partial automation possible as early as 2016.”

We have phone technology that borders clairvoyance and every year there are more and more ways to stay connected to all of your social media platforms, such as Project Glass by Google. Who will soon enough be offering augmented reality head-mounted display glasses. That will display a Smart phone like format, letting us communicate with the internet, with our voices.

We here at WeShareMedia welcome all new forms of technology and embrace the all potential benefits they’ll offer the future of mankind. Flying DeLoreans are surely to follow 🙂


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