Phew. The end is where you begin.

22 Dec

Behind  the millions of snide Facebook updates, Tweets and blogs (this one included) about the highly anticipated Mayan apocalypse happening/starting today. Theres a part within us all that is thankful and glad that nothing catastrophic happened. After the horrific shootings in CT that invaded everyones news feed and the disgusting behavior by the westboro baptist church in the days that followed. Attention seekers with media contacts, know how to make headlines. Recognizing a market for human empathy, is different than exploiting it and whats truly puzzling, is that their marketing schemes are so well executed, yet have no apparent goal. Thousands have come forward in support of the people in need, including those that are more closely affiliated with the underworld. But for the comfort of our loved ones, we must move on and pay no mind to these antics, because this is a time of year to reflect and be thankful for how far you’ve come, how much youve accomplished and how proud you are of those you hold dear.

Even lifelong skeptics of everything, have to admit it must’ve taken a great natural force to postpone the apocalypse like this.

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Although, this begs the questions. What if??……………

What if something happened today that set off a chain of events that led to this planets demise?

What if it crashed? What would go first? Electricity? What everyday commodities would affect the most first? What natural resources would be harder to get to? How long until it turned into an episode of “Survivor”  and what tribe would you be on?


Id be the naked loner guy that everybody hates…………………….wait a second.


The world is starting to get so much smaller and not to mention so much more crowded. Language barriers and geographical locations are now starting to matter less, thanks to social media.

We have access to software that interprets our voice and translates it to another language. Think about how large of a gap thats able to bridge between people, groups and businesses. Video conferencing is happening everyday across the world. Social Media is rapidly closing the gap between us. Finding people with similar interests is as easy as typing keywords or hashtags into any major social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and so on.

How many friends and/or business contacts would you not have right now if it wasn’t for social media?

The average earth resident uses social media as a part of his daily ritual. It’d be a shame to let all of this progress towards massive human interaction and understanding go to waste.

As forward thinking and wise beyond their time as the Mayans were; having the knowledge to predict planetary alignment and astrological insight. Their Calendars marked this as the beginning of the winter solstice, much like the other seasons that brought changes towards the earths climate changes.  They were correct, but simply because they stopped today, obviously doesnt mean the earth would stop spinning or anything like that. Contrary to what our fear based entertainment channels may lead you to believe.


The simplest and best advice one can ever take, is to live life like theres no tommorow. Cherish your time spent here. Create those memories with those you love and care for. WeShareMedia encourages us all to pursue your passion. No matter where it may lead you, opportunities to network are closer than they’ve ever been before.



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