Xmas and new nostalgia…….

23 Dec

Seeing your breath in the air for the first time that winter season. Your first attempts at psychology and hinting towards what presents you wanted. Knowing there’d be no homework to be done. No early morning wakeup calls (even though you got up earlier than ever, for some reason) and without fail; relatives came to visit. Old ones, young ones, big ones, small ones and some you’d never seen!

..and of course a seemingly endless amount of holiday programming that ranged from black & white movies to made for TV holiday specials. If it was bad weather outside, your parents made you share the living room and remote control privileges with your house guests. Which annoyed the living fudge out of you.


But the unfortunate reality is that we grow further apart as we get older and start developing our own plans. We start going over to a girl or boyfriends house and/or live in a different and only visit one set of parents and so on. Thankfully social media has put a stop to the growing distance and allowed to stay in contact in many different ways, wether it be Text, Facebook, Facetime, Skype, Google+ hangout etc. Internet speed is no longer holding us back and with apps like Ustream, were able to stream our experiences online. You can still have that traditional family ritual of picking out the Xmas tree from a lot together, from your phone.

xmas vacation

While we may not all agree on what channel to watch, what team to root for or which Xmas movie is the best. We can all agree how comforting it is to be able to hear and see our loved ones with a few finger strokes.

……..and how come the majority of GOOD Xmas movies were made in the 80s?

These memories are what make the good vibes come to surface from everyone. We like to see it come out from our neighbors and decorations are strung up to prove it. Those cherished moments, will forever be in our hearts and minds. Creating new ones with our younger generations, feels just as good. Watching the shy looks and smiles when your relatives introduce you to their youngest. Oh how we envy their day-to-day routines and carefree lifestyle. How the smallest gesture can make them so happy. WeShareMedia is glad to be a part of this technologically advanced era and reminds you to take lots of footage and post it for everyone to see. Share your happiness, because it doubles when SHARED.


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