Dont stop, belieeeeeeving. In Santa

25 Dec

As we grow older, a loss of faith tends to occur and we stump our imaginations growth. Remember how much fun a cardboard box was, and how many different things it turned into? Old St. Nick is no different. That specific story, was one we chose to believe in for as long as possible. There’s always a lingering belief, that there will be something extra under the tree, from an unknown source.

The all powerful and all knowing Wikipedia site, has a tutorial, with step by step instructions on How-to believe in Santa Clause. Its appropriately detailed and goes on to include tips and warnings. Imminent heart warmth ensues.

What would a job like this pay? Living hidden in the snow and risk your life to deliver presents, without even sticking around to see the reaction. Without a doubt this has to tbe most dangerous and selfless job in the world….Although Tim Allen was able to handle it just fine, so who knows.


But according to the internets, there does a large percentage of grown ups that continue to believe in Santa Claus. Most of them live in Canada apparently, but its good to know that hope exists in the world. Even if it is Canada. Although a Facebook page does exist, titled as “The Coalition for the advancement & adult belief in Santa Claus.”

WeShareMedia stays busy with social media as it is, but we can only imagine what it’d look like if Santa Claus stayed active on social media sites.

What if he checked into 378,000,000 houses on Facebook?

What if he had an Elf or 3 with him that Tweeted along the way?

Would there be a server overload? Greatest SEO move ever!!!

Hed have to carry on a crazy, intense, healthy diet and exercise routine, because of the intense trauma his body has to go through, that one evening a year.


Next time you think your job is underpaid and overworked. We advise you to think what its like to walk a mile in those big black boots. No matter where you stand on the matter. We all love to indulge in everything that the holidays are involved with. Family, food, traveling, spending and the creation of lifelong memories. WeShareMedia is no different and hopes this year was everything you wanted it to be and the pursuit of happiness with success in all of your endeavors.

Of course were doing this as one final effort to get on that “NICE” list.


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