1st World Problems

29 Dec

Now that most of us went and spent those gift cards and then some at fine retail establishments in our respective areas. We start to see more and more people across social media sites gripe about having the wrong color iphone or the smaller than desired memory capacity on the new iPad. While we understand that most of the time its portrayed as sarcasm………….but its not hard to see the boulders of truth behind it.

There is something to be said for brutal honesty and social media allows us to have a voice for anything that pleases or displeases us. Commendable behavior and proper use of platforms.

….and no this isn’t an ironic blog post gripping about gripping :p

Its all for our shared amusement, even if is genuine. WeShareMedia falls victim to this and admittedly suffers from 1st world problems often. Running out of coffee, not having change to park on Ventura blvd. , our regular barber decided to take the day off or worst of all; or worst of all, not all of our contacts transfered over to the new iPhone.

Making a mild joke about this is a nice reminder of how thankful we truly are for living here and having these problems, is a blessing in itself.



All of these communication tools have completely revolutionized human interaction as a whole and business marketing has to change accordingly……and were loving every second of it.

As an exercise in personal commodity actualization, take an entire weeks worth of 1st world problems that you come across and review the list after the weeks is done. Hindsight has 20/20 vision and make us realize how tiny they are and thankful for having them.


2012 had just as many technological breakthrough as we’ve come to expect. The gadget nerd within us, cant wait to get our hands over all the new time and energy saving/ time wasting toys we love so much……..and also all the fresh 1st world problems that are gonna be created because of them.

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