Are you too old to stomp on puddles?

30 Dec

These rainy days in Los Angeles brings out the meteorological experts within us. We’ve all crafted together theories from what makes the most sense based on what we’ve heard on the weather channel over the years, based on what predictions came through and which ones didn’t  Our new favorite rainy day game here at the WeShareMedia is the cliche game. Direct inspiration came from an episode of the office. We include all passer bys and overheard conversations throughout the day and whomever heard the least, buys coffee.

The show mentions having 12 cliches but only aired 6

1. It’s raining cats and dogs out there

2.  Nobody knows how to drive in the rain.

3. You know, the roads are actually the slickest in the first half hour?

4. The plants are gonna love this.

5. I actually sleep better when it’s raining.

6.This weather makes me wanna stay at home with a good book.

But for entertainments sake, heres a link to the video. Ill let the insightful comedy experts show you what I mean. (for the weirdos that dont follow The Office)

Rainy days in Los Angeles are kind of rare and makes people act sort of crazy on the freeways. We were able to narrow it down to a few.

  • The over confident “Whats everyone freaking out about?” driver, who driving to fast cause they’ve driven in the rain before.
  • The super slow driving extra careful driver, that doesn’t get within 30 feet of any other car and has to come to a complete stop before making any turn.
  • The chain-smoker with the windows down.
  • The unprepared driver with torn up windshield wipers going at full speed.

Being ever thankful for the advent of social media , we can find lots of apps, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Instagram users and so on, that will keep you updated with the traffic situation in your particular area. Knowing that a street may be flooded, or that an unfortunate accident occurred on your regular route, ahead of time, will help you reach your destination a lot quicker. Social media sites have undoubtedly kept people informed about such events and most likely helped prevent more accidents.

But those of us with the day off or are able to telecommute, should take the time to go out for a bit and enjoy these rainy days also. Remember how much fun you had stomping on those puddles along your block and to see just how high you could get the water to go? Sure , your parents hated that. But it wasn’t the worst thing you could’ve done. You’re already getting wet in the rain…so jump in!!

4 foot piddle

Although a close friend told me a story once, how he walked to his corner store in heavy rain and was already completely soaked. It was daytime and the neighborhood streets were pretty vacant, so on the way back to his house, he jumped in full speed to about 6 inches of water and continued to stomp away and smile with the water going over his head. He must’ve lost track of time after a couple minutes, because apparently one of the neighbors thought him to be a kook. A squad car drove up as he continued walking and started questioning him. A man in good shape and early 40s, hopping along puddles is certainly a sight to see, but shouldn’t be something to trouble the citys finest. They gave it a chuckle and of course let him go.

puddle dorwns

All of us at WeShareMedia encourage you to pursue what ever it is that makes you smile and to let no one, rain on your parade 🙂

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