Your Favorite Channel?

8 Jan

Depending on how old you are, you’ll remember having less and less channels to watch on TV. That also sort of depends on how much your parents ere willing in invest in personal entertainment.; with that also came wether you had a remote control or not. Only having a handful of channels anyhow, clicking around didn’t take that long anyhow……nobody liked getting off the couch back then either.


It varied from location to location but, six was usually the maximum number of local stations pre cable and satellite TV. On the VHF dial were the local ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates while, on the UHF dial, there was a local FOX affiliate, a PBS affiliate and usually an independent channel.

In 1986, 82% of American adults watched television daily, and the average household had the television set on for seven hours a day. Sunday was the most popular night for television viewing, and the most popular form of television entertainment was the mini-series, followed by made-for-TV movies. Americans watched an average of 39 minutes of television news daily. By 1985, 68% of all American households had cable television service and 88% of those subscribed to a premium service like HBO or Showtime.

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Nowadays our first ritualistic act of the day, is to check Facebook and see if we’ve missed anything drastic that might’ve happend in a different time zone. Internet tablets are available in everyones price range, so we’ve replaced the physical newspaper and morning news with that. The morning newspaper also included the TV listings and reviews. Twitters micro blog format allows us to form an opinion on TV shows and movies, based on what our peers are saying about them….So not only has the internet and subsequently social media now become our main sources of local, national and even international events. But we also refer to them first for opinions and or reviews on movies to watch also!


 There’s self proclaimed and somewhat deserving people who refer to themselves as experts on TV shows or movies and we like humor them and give their opinion a tad bit of credit….especially if they have a larger Facebook, Twitter or blogosphere following. Admittedly  we do the exact same thing out of convenience and as social media experts, tap into all of the major platforms to make an even further educated decision. RottenTomatoes and IMDB are some of our favorites and whatever productions Social Media sites and check out the brutal honest feedback.

We’ve ushered in a new era of convenience with answers to almost anything within the palm of our hand. This ever evolving internet technology has created   millionaires and boosted/created millions of careers along the way. The ability to intertact with millions of people for our own amusement and engage potential clients for your company, is something we’ve developed a mastery of. All of us at WeShareMedia keep our nose on the virtual grindstone & we’re loving every minute of it.


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