Facebook Times, They are a changin..

11 Jan

The only constant within Facebook is that it keeps changing. Just when you think you have figured out the interface to the world’s biggest social media site, the engineers update it……………. again.


Much like the last big change with the original “Timeline”, complete with a cover photo and the ability to essentially “go back in time” and post landmark events….Lets call that “virtual time travel” There will be many more subtle changes and leaning closer to a custom look on everyones page. Which was the initial hesitation and gripe when people transitioned from the old myspace to Facebook…..remember when Facebook didn’t even have a “Like” button?

Facebook has a tendency to roll out updates to its service on a Wednesday. That suggests the rest of Facebook’s billion users will start seeing the change as the day progresses around the world. Here’s a handful we were able to track down.

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 5.40.54 PM

• Your posts will appear in a single wide column on the left side as opposed to being randomly split into two columns.

• The boxes near the top below your cover image will be replaced with a simpler, tabbed design.

• The new “collections manager” lets you drag to reorder your collections, so you can put maps and friends where you want them.

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 5.38.14 PM

• In a style thats not unlike Twitter, your subscribers, the people who subscribe to your public updates, are now called followers. Subscribers/followers are different than friends, and no changes to friends are apparent at this time.

The other easily noticeable change is that the “Relationship Status” has also disappeared from the  main information, perhaps to give more privacy to users.

Over 600 million people use their smartphones to stay on top of friends and Facebook says the mobile site has more users than the Android and Apple apps combined. Accordingly, Facebook created new versions of its official apps for Android  and Apple phones and revamped its mobile-optimized Web site, m.facebook.com, which works for most other smart phones.The most significant change to Facebook’s mobile apps is that the News Feed, the real-time stream of updates from your Facebook friends, now provides the same sorting options as the desktop version: Top Stories and Most Recent. We also noticed that your photos now have a “Make Profile Picture” option, so you do not need to go back to a full-sized computer.


If their previous update routines serve as indicators, it will continue rolling out onto most people profiles across the globe as the next few days go by, but Facebook doesn’t usually comment before a design change, and there has been no official word from the company as to when the new and updated features will appear for everyone.

All of us at WeShareMedia make no secret about our excitement whenever a major platform rolls out changes, and always wanna go and mess around with it & find the ins and out of them. Looking for work arounds, unknown advantages and hopefully stumble on an undiscovered development feature. Keep us posted on newly discovered features and other newly released changes. Were likely to follow suit.


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