Best Days to Shop for Everything!

13 Jan

If WeShare the same outlook, then everyday is a good day to go shopping. Wether it be online, the mall, the thrift stores anywhere. But times are tough and figuring out the best way to save money is a goal that people across every tax bracket can agree on. Smart shoppers know that to score the best deals, timing is key. You can actually save a lot of money and time by simply doing certain things on certain days. There’s a best day of the week for just about everything.


Our heavily caffeinated team came up with this quick list of when to buy certain things. Let’s start off with everyones favorite day to hate.


  • Electronics. Gadgets like computers, TVs, digital cameras and even video games tend to run 2% to 4% cheaper on Mondays.Online manufactures and retailers offer cheaper deals for computers, TVs, cameras, video games and other electronics on Mondays, according to historical price data.
  • Cars. Dealerships are more open to negotiating on Mondays when the pressure is high to recover from lackluster weekend traffic or continue a heavy weekend’s tally.


  • AirFare. Most airlines post domestic fare sales on Monday evening, which leads to a Tuesday morning scramble to match prices. Bargain shopping plane ticket website trends indicate that the number of cheap seats on the market peaks at about 3 p.m. Tuesday.


  • Gasoline. Fill up from Wednesday to early Thursday to beat the weekend gas price hikes.
  • Jewelry. Women shop more during the middle of the week, so jewelry stores offer the most enticing deals on Wednesdays.


  • Handbags. An average discount of 36% online.
  • Clothes. In general, clothes may be discounted on Thursday as retailers start rolling out their weekend sales.


  • Clothing Accessories. The best time to buy belts and scarves online with an average discount of 42 percent, but otherwise, Friday (except Black Friday once a year) is generally not a good day to go shopping.



  • Intimates. 37% to 51% average discount online, respectively. Cheaper undies :0)


  • Groceries. Gathering coupons from the Sunday paper and combining those discounts with weekly grocery store sales, will get you the best price possible on your favorite foods.
  • Getting publicity. Sunday is the best day of the week to try to get free publicity through TV news programs.


Keep this information near and/or take good mental notes. We know all the major retailers push their online and in store sales through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more social media sites they may be on. But this especially comes in handy, when looking to buy specific items. All of us at WeShareMedia love to bargain hunt for our expensive toys; its our primal hunting instincts coming into play. We all secretly hate hearing those stories of the dirt cheap laptop, pair of shoes or accessories that we’ve had our eye one, and those amazing specials seem like urban legends at times. Always keep an eye out for those mighty deals.

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