Social Media Tip of The Day – Location, Location……………….Location.

24 Jan

Social Media Tip of The Day – Location, Location, Location.

Much like choosing the location of a storefront or winning a game of Monopoly. You want your pages name in as many locations as possible. This comes into play when you think about your SEO strategy.

Build profiles on other sites to build citations for local SEO. Make use of all social media platforms aside from the major 2-3 that you may be active on the most. It boosts your search engine rankings, making your company brand or name easier to find with keyword searches.


Build links from related local businesses and local bloggers. Even if you don’t live in a highly populated area like Los Angeles. A quick location based search can put you in contact with related local businesses and/or locals who have blogged about them.

Get listed in local directories like SuperpagesCitysearch etc. which give you a chance to be displayed more than once in the search engine’s results.

What combination of these tactics where you already implementing into your social media marketing strategy?  How active were you able to stay across all the platforms? Do you feel the need to reach out for expert help on your business? WeShareMedia is here just for that.

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