Social Media Tip of The Day – Share Multimedia Content

25 Jan

Social Media Tip of The Day – Share Multimedia Content

Your Facebook and Twitter updates don’t need to be strictly textual. In fact, part of the appeal of these social tools is their flexibility in posting all kinds of content. Infographics and Memes are huge right now, and rather than sit back and chuckle; partake, share and make some of your own.

Check out these examples of ways you can capitalize on this:

  • Use a free YouTube channel to highlight events around your office, unveilings of new products, a virtual tour of your store, etc.
  • Show demos of your product or service in action through video or screencasts
  • If your work can be represented well in a picture (landscaping projects, art pieces, before-and-after job photos, etc.) consider using a free Flickr account to showcase your high-resolution images.
  • Start a hangout on Google+ and invite everyone to engage face to face in real time.
  • Stream an event that your company is hosting and stream it via Ustream, Stickam etc.
  • Create custom memes that use your companies name
  • Make an infographic with all of the details about an ongoing project.

video content

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