Social Media Tip of The Day – Keep Your Twitter Followers Engaged

26 Jan

Social Media Tip of The Day – Keeping Your Twitter Followers Engaged

After finding what method or combination of methods, worked best for you to start gaining followers on Twitter. You have to reach out to them and keep them engaged in conversation.

That doesn’t mean to just leave a bunch of open-ended questions. You have to delve deeper and get to know your followers a little more, even if it is thousands of people. You already know they have at least one thing in common, they’re following you. The biggest mistake companies tend to make, is making their twitter feed constant self promotion. Nobody wants to follow a twitter account that just promotes itself all day, everyday.


Twitter is becoming more & more mainstream and integrated into people’s lives. It’s become one of our daily ritualistic acts. It’s now becoming evident for companies that your presence on Twitter is ever-changing and getting more important, both for brands and individuals.


Heres some Twitter tips & tricks to strengthen your influence and keep your followers engaged in 2013.

Get your story straight

  • Tell your story through multiple platforms. Each platform strengthens the other, creating a total story/experience.
  • Get visual with videos or Instagram and tell your story across the different platforms.
  • Today’s connected generation already uses these multiple platforms in coherence to get their information. Use these platforms in the same way as your audience.

Keep it real

  • Twitter rules and etiquette are unwritten, but ever present. Don’t try to overcompensate the story you want to tell via your Twitter account.
  • Keep it personal and real, your followers aren’t stupid. They know there’s a person behind that name and that’s why conversation is king. Your followers make up who you are as a brand or business, GET TO KNOW THEM.

Get ready for the weekend

  • Get on a personal level with your followers. You’ve got to get ready to be tweeting on the weekend. Twitter engagement rates for brands are about 17 percent higher on weekends compared to weekdays.
  • Your Twitter efforts will not be less effective Monday through Friday, but the weekend is the perfect time to get your story out in the Twittersphere.

Sharing is caring

  • Share other peoples tweets and content that are not necessarily related to your business or what you do as a person.
  • Twitter is all about learning and discovering new things and sharing those things with your community.
  • Share new and interesting content that way you’ll see more of your followers engage with you


WeShareMedia loved meeting with all of our new clients and discussing what their efforts have been in the past and how were going to capitalize on whats worked; on top of our team of experts strategic planning. Together with us, YOUR Company, brand or name will create the ultimate shared media experience.

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