Social Media Tip of the Day – Post Strategically

19 Feb

Managing several social networks can be a bit consuming and take up a lot of time. Having to learn what’s gonna work best or you on each platform and trying different things each time, can be frustrating and sometimes unfruitful. With our lives moving at ludicrous speeds, time management/efficiency has never been more important. Thankfully, there are various tools to help us be more efficient with our daily lives and for social media, one of those tools is message scheduling.

Bulk scheduling messages can be tricky since scheduling too many messages, especially of the advertising variety, can appear as “spammy.” Finding that balance in your scheduled message content and frequency is where the true value lies.


Content will always be king.

Schedule valuable conversational/thought leadership type messages/links during times of the day that you dedicate to checking your social networks to ensure that you can respond and thank those that have questions, RT or mention your messages. Remember, scheduling is there for us to make our social networking lives easier, not to as an alternative to an email blast.

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As true Los Angeles, Social Media Experts; the WeShareMedia team has gone through all of the well-known scheduling apps. Each one has its own set of pros and cons. But we ultimately agreed that the tools and software that work best, depend on the nature of the given online entity it’s intended for. In other words, different tools are gonna work better for different types of pages.

Thankfully our team of experts is ready to take on and properly expand your internet presence.


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