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Growth in Social Media

15 Apr

There was a time when the relationships between corporate entities – like CocaCola, McDonald’s, Geico, and Sony to name a few – and their consumers was nearly entirely based on buying and selling. As long as the producers supplied a consistently good product and kept their nose out of newspaper headlines trouble, the customers were happy. And it wasn’t that long ago either, back in the days of MySpace and Foursquare, before the modern social media giants took over. Nowadays, that apparent disconnect hardly exists, and for good reason. Facebook and platforms like it changed the landscape of human relationships, bringing people closer together despite the miles and thousands of miles that may be between them. And the age-old method “word of mouth” is still effective, spreading a lot farther and faster now than it ever did before. The need for user growth and social media is great, and growing your presence on any and all social media platforms should be a top priority in whatever field you’re in.

Social Media Networking Global Communications Connection Concept

The most important aspect of a strong social media presence, before any other benefit, is people and communication. Communication that connects you to multiple people, and compounds the more you grow your presence. Getting your face out on social media platforms through links, pictures, videos, art, etc., creates movement and draws attention to your site. For smaller businesses with less established names, this is the beginning of letting people know who you are, that you exist and you offer services that people may need. For larger businesses, this is the way to interact with a larger audience on an informal, connecting level. Announce sales, deals, make a Facebook post highlighting an incredible event and how you relate/were involved in it, or reply to a tweet directed at you. Because social media creates a conversation rather than an advertisement, customers tend to become more receptive to your products and services, as well as regarding you as less of a faceless entity.


What’s important to know is that building your social media presence needs to begin as soon as possible – as in you needed to have started yesterday. As big businesses, small businesses, and multitudes of self-employed people have flocked to build their online faces, social media platforms have caught on and begun restricting the ability to quickly grow presences in one easy way: by making it competitive and profiting from it. Take Facebook’s Pay Per Like. Creating a page doesn’t cost a cent, but how do you make yourself discoverable? By allotting a budget, and allowing Facebook to boost your posts or advertisements at targeted audiences, you develop traffic. Essentially, you can bid your way ahead of the competition. While this was inevitable, it’s also restrictive to newer players in the game, and it will only get stricter as all social media platforms adopt similar strategies. While advertising is as old as time, there is still time before the Pay Per Like trend takes off and inevitably abused to punish smaller, undiscovered presences. Though the process through building a online presence will likely only develop towards a budget reliant environment, for now its largely anyone’s opportunity to grow. Hence why it’s imperative you begin now, while the field is ripe, affordable, and teeming with opportunity. Reach out, let us help you get started or revamp your current social media platforms. The time is now!




Social Media Tip of The Day – Sending Voice Messages Through the Facebook App

4 Mar

Just recently, the Facebook app for iOS was given the ability to record voice and within the mobile app, as well as Messenger’s voice messaging support and an improved Nearby tab.


Voice messages originally showed up in the iOS and Android versions of Facebook’s Messenger apps, and later VoIP calling was added to those apps in the US and Canada. The voice messaging capabilities have come directly to the main Facebook apps for iOS as well. Sending a message in the app now gives you the ability to record a voice message  to send directly to the recipient, and also gives access to the camera to allow for still shots or video clips to be recorded and sent.


The process is fairly simple and for those of us who are always looking for ways to save money, this could be another neat little trick. Facebook is known for rolling out updates very quietly; So quietly in fact that most people don’t notice the changes or how to make use of them. It is a bit ironic that the worlds largest social media platform has a problem communicating. LOL.

How Do You Send a Voice Message?  Here it is in step by step instructions 🙂

  1. Go to a conversation and tap + next to the box where you write a message
  2. Tap Record Voice
  3. Touch and hold the red record button and start speaking
  4. Release the record button and your message will send immediately

*To cancel your recording, slide your finger away from the record button before releasing.


Send that special someone a quick a reminder of how much they mean. WeShareMedia encourages everyone to take full advantage of these wonderful new media perks.

Social Media Tip of the Day – Post Strategically

19 Feb

Managing several social networks can be a bit consuming and take up a lot of time. Having to learn what’s gonna work best or you on each platform and trying different things each time, can be frustrating and sometimes unfruitful. With our lives moving at ludicrous speeds, time management/efficiency has never been more important. Thankfully, there are various tools to help us be more efficient with our daily lives and for social media, one of those tools is message scheduling.

Bulk scheduling messages can be tricky since scheduling too many messages, especially of the advertising variety, can appear as “spammy.” Finding that balance in your scheduled message content and frequency is where the true value lies.


Content will always be king.

Schedule valuable conversational/thought leadership type messages/links during times of the day that you dedicate to checking your social networks to ensure that you can respond and thank those that have questions, RT or mention your messages. Remember, scheduling is there for us to make our social networking lives easier, not to as an alternative to an email blast.

images (1)

As true Los Angeles, Social Media Experts; the WeShareMedia team has gone through all of the well-known scheduling apps. Each one has its own set of pros and cons. But we ultimately agreed that the tools and software that work best, depend on the nature of the given online entity it’s intended for. In other words, different tools are gonna work better for different types of pages.

Thankfully our team of experts is ready to take on and properly expand your internet presence.


Social Media Tip of The Day – Build Relationships, Not Just Followers

1 Feb

Social media can seem like a numbers game—all about who gets the most followers and who can do it the fastest. But, in truth, it’s not the numbers that converts them into customers; it’s the relationships. A sense of trust is hard enough to establish in real life, let alone online.


Keep it real

  • Transparency is highly valued by social media users. Be authentic, open and invite readers in. 
  • Talk about a new project you’re working on.
  • Share stories.
  • Be honest about your own mistakes. Own them, before someone else does

When your audience gets a sense that they’re seeing the real you, that’s the first step towards friendship.



Good listening skills are Friendship 101. Show other social media users you genuinely care.

Be Generous

  • Look for ways to reach out and give to your audience.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Promote the projects they’re working on.
  • If someone leaves a thoughtful comment on your site, email him or her a personal response.

A person who has friends must show themselves friendly.

Keep the conversation going

  • Look for ways to engage your audience on a regular basis.
  • Vary the method(s) you choose.
  • End some posts with questions.
  • Reach out for feedback.
  • Run surveys and/or polls.

Reaching out to followers once is good; reaching out to them regularly is better.


Theres obviously lots of variables that come into play. If you have a serious tone established for your page and so forth. Get to know your people and embrace them. The good ones and the bad ones. WeShareMedia welcomes everyone to engage and ask us questions. Much like in real life.

How well do you know your audience?

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