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Growth in Social Media

15 Apr

There was a time when the relationships between corporate entities – like CocaCola, McDonald’s, Geico, and Sony to name a few – and their consumers was nearly entirely based on buying and selling. As long as the producers supplied a consistently good product and kept their nose out of newspaper headlines trouble, the customers were happy. And it wasn’t that long ago either, back in the days of MySpace and Foursquare, before the modern social media giants took over. Nowadays, that apparent disconnect hardly exists, and for good reason. Facebook and platforms like it changed the landscape of human relationships, bringing people closer together despite the miles and thousands of miles that may be between them. And the age-old method “word of mouth” is still effective, spreading a lot farther and faster now than it ever did before. The need for user growth and social media is great, and growing your presence on any and all social media platforms should be a top priority in whatever field you’re in.

Social Media Networking Global Communications Connection Concept

The most important aspect of a strong social media presence, before any other benefit, is people and communication. Communication that connects you to multiple people, and compounds the more you grow your presence. Getting your face out on social media platforms through links, pictures, videos, art, etc., creates movement and draws attention to your site. For smaller businesses with less established names, this is the beginning of letting people know who you are, that you exist and you offer services that people may need. For larger businesses, this is the way to interact with a larger audience on an informal, connecting level. Announce sales, deals, make a Facebook post highlighting an incredible event and how you relate/were involved in it, or reply to a tweet directed at you. Because social media creates a conversation rather than an advertisement, customers tend to become more receptive to your products and services, as well as regarding you as less of a faceless entity.


What’s important to know is that building your social media presence needs to begin as soon as possible – as in you needed to have started yesterday. As big businesses, small businesses, and multitudes of self-employed people have flocked to build their online faces, social media platforms have caught on and begun restricting the ability to quickly grow presences in one easy way: by making it competitive and profiting from it. Take Facebook’s Pay Per Like. Creating a page doesn’t cost a cent, but how do you make yourself discoverable? By allotting a budget, and allowing Facebook to boost your posts or advertisements at targeted audiences, you develop traffic. Essentially, you can bid your way ahead of the competition. While this was inevitable, it’s also restrictive to newer players in the game, and it will only get stricter as all social media platforms adopt similar strategies. While advertising is as old as time, there is still time before the Pay Per Like trend takes off and inevitably abused to punish smaller, undiscovered presences. Though the process through building a online presence will likely only develop towards a budget reliant environment, for now its largely anyone’s opportunity to grow. Hence why it’s imperative you begin now, while the field is ripe, affordable, and teeming with opportunity. Reach out, let us help you get started or revamp your current social media platforms. The time is now!




Successful Blogging Perks or Corporate Blogola?

7 Feb

The luxurious lifestyle of a blogger comes with its perks. None greater than seeing a gigantic upward spike on your readers statistics. But outside of that, they’re few and far between. Luckily (or un-luckily, depending on which side of the fence you’re on) marketers and public relations firms have been contacting bloggers and pitching them new products for review. A question of ethics comes into play; as they often do in journalism. Wether or not a blogger discloses that the product, place or service they’re reviewing, gave them added incentives to do so. If nothing is disclosed and an exchange did occur, then that’s what the blogosphere refers to as “Blogola”.

What exactly is Blogola?

Blogola (Blaw-go-law)

def. A slang term used in online marketing circles to describe the act of bribing or paying influential bloggers to create a buzz in the blogosphere about a specific product or technology in their blog.


As of December 2009, bloggers must disclose any relationship they have with the product they are reviewing. If one doesn’t, they could receive a huge fine. The Federal Trade Commission states that Truth-in-advertising principles must apply to non-professional writers also.

While the FTC means business and not to be taken lightly; the hard-earned SEO of bloggers is being affected the most by Google’s own policy changes. Now penalizing paid blog entries by demoting them in its search results. Ouch!


Living in an era when consumers increasingly turn to blogs and other amateur Web sites for information about the goods and services they buy. Marketing budgets remain tight and advertisers are looking for cheaper ways to get their messages in front of shoppers.

We don’t wanna come off as a green-eyed monster and sound like we’re against any of this. WeShareMedia enjoys hearing success stories of fellow social media wranglers. Transparency and full disclosure are what’s sought after within the writing. After that we say the entrepreneurial spirit should be free to roam. Such is the case for fellow LA Blogger Shea Marie, who recently teamed up with Ryan Seacrest and FORD to form a “Green Dream Team“. This team includes Giuliana Rancic, Maria Menounos, Kristen Aldridge and Marie. These blogstars are now traveling around Los Angeles in Ford’s Green Fleet of vehicles (Focus (BEV) Electric, Fusion Hybrid, C-max Hybrid & C-max Energi) documenting their fun and games on Instagram under the hashtag #GreenGoesGlam.


This is amazing to see and brought a smile to all of our faces here at WeShareMedia. We will never fear success and take joy in the happiness of others.

We’ll be expecting phone calls and emails for further product endorsement any minute now 🙂


Your Favorite Channel?

8 Jan

Depending on how old you are, you’ll remember having less and less channels to watch on TV. That also sort of depends on how much your parents ere willing in invest in personal entertainment.; with that also came wether you had a remote control or not. Only having a handful of channels anyhow, clicking around didn’t take that long anyhow……nobody liked getting off the couch back then either.


It varied from location to location but, six was usually the maximum number of local stations pre cable and satellite TV. On the VHF dial were the local ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates while, on the UHF dial, there was a local FOX affiliate, a PBS affiliate and usually an independent channel.

In 1986, 82% of American adults watched television daily, and the average household had the television set on for seven hours a day. Sunday was the most popular night for television viewing, and the most popular form of television entertainment was the mini-series, followed by made-for-TV movies. Americans watched an average of 39 minutes of television news daily. By 1985, 68% of all American households had cable television service and 88% of those subscribed to a premium service like HBO or Showtime.

images (1)

Nowadays our first ritualistic act of the day, is to check Facebook and see if we’ve missed anything drastic that might’ve happend in a different time zone. Internet tablets are available in everyones price range, so we’ve replaced the physical newspaper and morning news with that. The morning newspaper also included the TV listings and reviews. Twitters micro blog format allows us to form an opinion on TV shows and movies, based on what our peers are saying about them….So not only has the internet and subsequently social media now become our main sources of local, national and even international events. But we also refer to them first for opinions and or reviews on movies to watch also!


 There’s self proclaimed and somewhat deserving people who refer to themselves as experts on TV shows or movies and we like humor them and give their opinion a tad bit of credit….especially if they have a larger Facebook, Twitter or blogosphere following. Admittedly  we do the exact same thing out of convenience and as social media experts, tap into all of the major platforms to make an even further educated decision. RottenTomatoes and IMDB are some of our favorites and whatever productions Social Media sites and check out the brutal honest feedback.

We’ve ushered in a new era of convenience with answers to almost anything within the palm of our hand. This ever evolving internet technology has created   millionaires and boosted/created millions of careers along the way. The ability to intertact with millions of people for our own amusement and engage potential clients for your company, is something we’ve developed a mastery of. All of us at WeShareMedia keep our nose on the virtual grindstone & we’re loving every minute of it.


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