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To Follow or Unfollow…That is the question

15 Oct

It is sad to see that many brands still believe it’s 2006, when Twitter just started and everyone was dying to follow their favorite brands, even if they were ignoring them.



Well it’s 2014 and it’s not the egotistical Wild West on Twitter anymore, there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is engagement. In today’s market, not responding or not following them back, when they reach out to you is an ultimate social media fail. When people, your customers, reach out to you, you must respond, you must follow back; the competition is fierce and dying to scoop up your audience and at the end of the day, your sales.






@annonymousgirl: “The free range chicken pesto arugula sandwiches @ThatOneSandwichPlace are divine. The best sandwiches in all of Los Angeles. They are organic, juicy, & flavorful & if you go from 3-6 half price!! What a deal! #INLOVE “ #ThatOneSandwichPlace

IF YOU IGNORE THIS…. They should and most likely will unfollow you and delete their tweet.




@OneOfOurClients “I love your #FishTacos please open a location in the valley, you complete me!” #NameOfRestaurant

Here is the proper way to handle this tweet. This user tweeted her love for our client. We followed her back, sent her a direct message and asked for her mailing address and sent her a gift card! We replied, “Thank you we love you too.” This built a relationship worth its weight in Fish Tacos.


If you do this you will not only make people happy but you make them love you.



Building a long lasting relationship with your clients is key to survival in today’s market. ENGAGE with your customers, treat them right, talk to them online…. connect…. it is a new era folks… get with the times, and get it together. Follow back, favorite and RT anyone that mentions your band, because if you don’t your competition will, hey who could blame them.



One way of taking your Twitter to the next level is growing your Twitter foundation organically by following your fans and responding to them when they reach out to you. Your ratio of followers if you are a business should be close to the amount of people you follow back. Listening to your audience will keep you in the NOW and get you ready for tomorrow. When you follow your customers back and engage with them you will have them and your profit margin dancing with joy.



WeShareMedia has a team of Social Media Experts always willing to help, just give us a call 1800.488.9570 or shoot us an email. We would love to give you some free advice, we live for this stuff! Remember minimum of 3 tweets a day keeps the tumbleweeds away and to A.B.L.  Always Be Listening.

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WeShareMedia, A different kind of social media company…Genuine


How Social Media Helps Businesses Connect with Customers

20 Jun

Social media is increasingly becoming the most important aspect of marketing a business online. The biggest brands in the world recognize the importance of connecting with their audience through social media. In fact, most brands are now spending more money on social media networking, than they do on print advertising. However, small businesses struggle with this aspect of marketing. To encourage you to see the importance of social media, we have listed three ways that it can help you connect with your customers.


Brand building

Many small businesses overlook the importance of brand building and in the process lose out on sales. In an oversaturated market it is impossible for customers to pick out small business brands unless they use the proper tools. Brand building involves social media networking and even business-to-business collaboration.


Name recognition

Name recognition is another way to build your business. Customers are generally very wary of businesses that they are unfamiliar with and are much less likely to purchase any item or service from a name they don’t recognize. Social media will increase name recognition if you use advertising to establish a presence.


Customer service

Increased customer service is another side effect of social media networking. Customers can simply take to Twitter, if they have a question about a product or have a concern they want to share with a brand. Business-to-business customer service is also made much easier by social media. Transform the way you connect with your customers by becoming actively involved in social media. If you do, you will likely see an increase in sales and a better response from your customers. If you are a small business that works primarily as a business to business service, then you will also find it beneficial to utilize and implement all of the tools available.


Let the experts handle it

There is a right way and a wrong way to manage your businesses social media, it is always a good idea to speak to an expert before you start. Here at WeShareMedia we are always available for a quick chat or meeting to help get you started or to put you back on track.


Hashtag Here, Hashtag There, Hashtag Everywhere!

15 Jun

Just like Twitter, Instagram, Google & Google+, clickable hashtags are rolling out on Facebook. “When you click on a hashtag in Facebook, you’ll see a feed of what other people and Pages are saying about that event or topic.” Example: “I can`t wait for football season to return #NFL go #Niners.” When you click on those Hashtags in Facebook you will find search results.



Social media platforms like Facebook and Google + change weekly sometimes daily, how are you expected to market through these channels and run your business.
Being named a Facebook developer by Facebook itself WeShareMedia is on a “first to know” basis on all changes within Facebook and stays up to the minute on all platforms across the board.

WeShareMedia is ready for any and all changes to come.

Here`s what people are saying on Facebook.

Youtube Stars Becoming Spokespeople for Brands & Companies

11 Mar

Becoming a hit on YouTube on purpose is no easy task. The popular video platform is loaded with viral videos of people doing silly or embarrassing things. YouTube is the top platform that’s discovered a lot of young artists who have ended up as the most popular music icons in the industry.

The Canadian YouTube sensation Justin Bieber was discovered on the site by Scooter Braun who later became his manager. He was even able to consult his own personal idol Usher all the way to Atlanta. It did not take long before Bieber signed up with Usher and eventually, with L.A. Reid and the Island Def Jam. Since then, he’s become a worldwide sensation.

Since 2007, YouTube has partnered with producers on the video site to share ad revenue, allowing people to create YouTube content for a living. “We pay out millions of dollars to partners each year,” said Baljeet Singh, group product manager at YouTube. “Thousands of channels are generating six figures a year.”

Take someone like DeStorm for example; a multi-talented one-man band who runs the channel DeStorm with more than half a million subscribers. Offering a mix of rap, R&B, talk show and art. All stuck together with some great editing, DeStorm is part of a first generation of “YouTubers” who managed to monetize their videos.

DeStorm came to New York by way of Baltimore to be an intern and ghost writer for established record labels. He spent most of his time helping write songs while producing instrumentals, writing jingles, and trying to hustle his own music. After limited success, he saw YouTube as a way to set himself apart.

Let’s take a look at another rising Youtube star named Carly-Ann Giene. Giene Entertainment’s YouTube channel has over 50, 000 views with more to come when a highly anticipated sketch, “Model Behavior” debuts this month. (March 2013)

“Model Behavior” is a satirical look at high fashion photo shoots and what the industry regards as beautiful or a means to sell products. It explores the horrifying, dysfunctional elements of modeling — while making you laugh. This sketch will be released this month on the Giene Entertainment YouTube Channel. Also make sure to watch Carly-Ann Giene in her other performances in “Mugluvin” and “Carly the Clown Eliminator“. Her sketches on YouTube are both original and highly relatable. Giene is undoubtedly an extraordinary actress and a rising talent.

Back in June 2012, YouTube vice president of product management, Shishir Mehrotra announced Video Creation Marketplace, a platform that will connect content creators on YouTube with marketers or agencies looking for viral buzz.

The marketplace platform will allow partners to set up profiles indicating what they do, their past successes and the demographics or types of brands they are best suited for. Advertisers or agencies will be able to search by parameters, such as content type, target demo and keywords, to find the right YouTube star for their campaign.

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 7.34.41 PM

Seeing what great strides and all the amazing careers that have been launched with the power of social media. A well maintained internet presence with wonderful content across all platforms will only enhance the possibility to be found, for those exploring these options. The WeShareMedia team of experts is likely to have come across them by now, or maybe you have yet to upload these gems?

What We Learned From the “Harlem Shake”

20 Feb

For those of you who don’t know (because you were living in a cave or severed all human contact), the Harlem Shake is a video that has gone “viral” on YouTube. Plenty of brands, colleges, and social media users have made their own version of this silly video. But what can social media business folks learn from the latest internet sensation?

Timing Is Key

If you decide to post a Harlem Shake video later this week, you’ll be too late. It’ll be “soooo last week” and no one will want to watch it. Social media content follows the same rules. Still posting about the Super Bowl black out? Irrelevant. Stay in tune to all things related to your business, your brand, and your fans’ interest. Posting content at the right time, about the right topic can put your business on the map.


Be Spontaneous and Take Chances 

Always keep your followers intrigued and excited with new, interesting content. Make custom photos, infographics, or link out to a vine. I’m sure the guy who started the Harlem Shake videos didn’t expect it to become a huge internet success. Do something different; you never know what will come of it.


It Takes a Team

Social media cannot be properly handled by one person. It takes a team to build your strategy, monitor your community, and design your content. Imagine the Harlem Shake with just that one person dancing themselves the whole time? That would ruin it! That person would look ridiculous and would not be as interesting. Similarly, your business’ internet presence would go unnoticed without a strong team supporting it.

If you’re reading this, then in fact, you do know a team of Social Media Experts. 😉


Social Media Tip of The Day – Share Multimedia Content

25 Jan

Social Media Tip of The Day – Share Multimedia Content

Your Facebook and Twitter updates don’t need to be strictly textual. In fact, part of the appeal of these social tools is their flexibility in posting all kinds of content. Infographics and Memes are huge right now, and rather than sit back and chuckle; partake, share and make some of your own.

Check out these examples of ways you can capitalize on this:

  • Use a free YouTube channel to highlight events around your office, unveilings of new products, a virtual tour of your store, etc.
  • Show demos of your product or service in action through video or screencasts
  • If your work can be represented well in a picture (landscaping projects, art pieces, before-and-after job photos, etc.) consider using a free Flickr account to showcase your high-resolution images.
  • Start a hangout on Google+ and invite everyone to engage face to face in real time.
  • Stream an event that your company is hosting and stream it via Ustream, Stickam etc.
  • Create custom memes that use your companies name
  • Make an infographic with all of the details about an ongoing project.

video content

Still not sure where to start with your own business, brand or nonprofit social media interactions? The team at WeShareMedia uses time-tested social media strategy to help clients just like YOU reach more people with better results.


Social Media Helps You Fight The Flu

20 Jan

If you’ve posted on either Facebook or Twitter about having the flu; you’re not alone. Since early December, there have been 626,379 mentions of flu on those two platforms, according to sentiment analysis firm Crimson Hexagon. It’s noted that 40% of the posts included the phrase “I have the flu.” That percentage extrapolated to more than 250,000 Twitter or Facebook users with the dreaded virus.


We all catch the flu at one point or another, and as easy as we know it is to treat. It’s not to be taken so lightly.The flu claims 250,000 to 500,000 lives per year and comes out affecting workplace productivity about $87 billion in the U.S. alone. Yikes!

Twitter alone has around 200 million users, it’s a pretty good sample of the world’s population and, thanks to the use of geo-locations tags, researchers are able to trace outbreaks based on tweets using the flu dectector to trace keywords in tweets. Health officials are turning to computer coders to chase the flu in real time. Google Flu Trends (GOOG) got major cool points when it accurately reported the severity of the 2009 flu season nearly two weeks before the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


This is all excellent news to health providers who are willing to use social media as another tool to help them access patients and catch a surge in their region of the country.

There’s actually several tracking tools that people are already using/following to speed up information flows in the flu fight. Here’s a few that stood out to us at WeShareMedia:

Google Flu Trends: Launched in November 2008 by Google.org, Google Flu Trends provides “near real-time estimates” of flu activity for 29 countries on the national and regional level. Google Flu Trends searches flu-related data, comparing it to a historic baseline level of flu activity data provided by national centers for disease control. It maps the two sets of data, labeling regions minimal, low, moderate, high, or intense.

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 9.32.11 PM

Flu Near You: A team from Boston’s Children Hospital developed, Flu Near You, in partnership with the American Public Health Association and the Skoll Global Threats Fund. Over 44,000 registered users agreed to complete weekly surveys about their health condition to build a database for health-care officials accurately track regional flu outbreaks before, during, and after they hit.

DIZIE: Developed by Nigel Collier, a computational linguist at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, DIZIE taps into Twitter API data to analyze and chart tweets from people describing their illnesses. DIZIE uses a global map, zeroing in on tweets from users in 43 cities around the world.


All of us at WeShareMedia are proud of our forefront stand on social media and see it as the future of not only marketing, but the positive side effects of all this data collection, that’s now saving lives by keeping us informed of diseases spreading to our region of this great country.


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