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Social Media Tip of The Day – Getting Your Instagram Profile More Exposure

6 Mar

After having released a desktop version of the popular photo editing & sharing app Instagram, there’s new things to take into consideration. Previously, the Instagram website only let users edit their account information. But all that changed with the recent introduction of web profiles.

The new profiles act as extensions of the Instagram mobile app, with users now being able to comment, follow, like and view other photos from a desktop. Brands, marketers and regular users can use these web profiles to encourage engagement and interaction outside of the mobile app.


Community managers will want to use the new web profiles in conjunction with the Instagram mobile app to further enhance a profiles web presence.

While many features from the mobile app haven’t yet made their way to the web, Instagram web profiles do offer a decent amount of nice features, such as:

  • A cover collage at the top of your profile that features a rotating selection of your Instagram photos.
  • Follow and Unfollow buttons.
  • Your profile biography.
  • A website URL of your choosing.
  • Your account’s number of photos, as well as follower and following counts.
  • An infinite-scroll timeline of your photos, separated by month.
  • A section where you can manage applications that have been given permission to access your Instagram account.
  • Badges, which you can use to link to and promote your web profile.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 3.10.49 AM

The Instagram web profiles do come with some draw backs, they are lacking in certain areas when compared to the mobile app.

  • There’s no search. Searching for hashtags and specific users isn’t available. Although usernames are links that allow you to hop from profile to profile.
  • Twitter-like hashtags are the best way to get your Instagram photos seen on the mobile app, but their use is disabled with web profiles. You’ll still see them in photo descriptions and comments, but they aren’t links.
  • You can’t see follower lists. Even though web profiles display follower and following counts, users are unable to see exactly which users these are.
  • Photo maps aren’t available. Many Instagram users geo-tag their photos using the mobile app, but you won’t find these maps anywhere on the web. Although geo-tag information is shown within photos.
  • There’s no Popular page. If you like seeing the photos on Instagram that are drawing the most attention, you’ll have to return to the mobile app.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 3.13.24 AM

With over 100 million users on Instagram, if your branded or personal account is one of them, then you’ll want to maximize and utilize your account’s new web profile the right away.

Start off by installing an Instagram badge on your main website. Instagram recently rolled out badges for users to promote web profiles. From the full site, pick the badge you’d like, then simply copy the automatically generated code and paste it on your website or blog. The badge will link back to your account’s web profile.

Verify your privacy settings. According to Instagram, if you have a private profile, your photos will only be visible to logged-in followers you’ve approved. This also means that only those followers can comment and like your photos on the web. It should also be mentioned that search engines are not allowed to index Instagram photos—whether your account is private or not.

Make sure you’ve added your main sites link on your profile. Not only does adding a link increase visibility for your website, it also provides SEO value, even though it’s a no-follow link, it still sends a signal to search engines.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 3.23.35 AM

Lastly and most importantly, recognize the increased importance of those image links.  Images from Instagram used to appear within tweets until Instagram recently removed support for Twitter cards. (Sad Panda Bear) This means that Twitter users will be clicking these Instagram image links, and lead them directly to the Instagram web profiles.

Besides Twitter, other people will find their way to the web profiles using these image links when Instagram images are shared to Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Tumblr and even through email.


Is your business, brand or personal Instagram page as optimized as it should be? Wouldn’t it bring further peace of mind to know that experts will be in charge of your internet presence? WeShareMedia is here, just for you.


Social Media Tip of the Day – Use Calls to Action

2 Feb

In order to capture more leads through your website, you will need to create captivating calls to action. The user must want to give you their contact information. The goal here is to drive traffic to a specific page and receive contact information in the process. When you ask someone to do something online, they have to go through your call-to-action in order to do it – regardless of whether you’re asking them to download a PDF, fill out a form, buy a product, or even just click-through to another page. A CTA represents the tipping point between bounce and conversion. When you ask someone to do something online, they have to go through your call-to-action in order to do it.


Calls to action may vary. So by distributing them across platforms, you’ll be optimizing the amount of leads you bring in. The more calls to action that you can create, the more opportunity you have to bring in new leads.


Everything is important with calls to action: the color of your buttons and supporting elements, the language you use to describe the action, the place on the page where you locate them, additional elements that encourage people to act. All these elements should be consistent and support each other getting your visitors one step closer to their objective.

That being said:

Where to start

Use past information. Make note of previous consistent behavior. Have you had any past offers that worked well?

Push upcoming events, news and campaigns

Before you launch something new, require that prospects sign up.  If the call to action is appealing enough, they will “Sign up”.

Social Media

Include links in your tweets that take the viewer to your website or landing page. Enable them to sign up for a campaign. Answer questions on LinkedIn with the same format. If someone has a question relevant to what your business does then you have the answer they want…….once they sign up.

Make it noticeable

Make the call-to-action stand out. Bold it, make it a different color or use a button that is linked to the landing page.

Email marketing is a tremendous factor that should be brought into any successful social media strategy. The WeShareMedia team of experts will gladly help your brand move forward and get the attention it deserves.

Zig Ziglar

Social Media Tip of The Day – Location, Location……………….Location.

24 Jan

Social Media Tip of The Day – Location, Location, Location.

Much like choosing the location of a storefront or winning a game of Monopoly. You want your pages name in as many locations as possible. This comes into play when you think about your SEO strategy.

Build profiles on other sites to build citations for local SEO. Make use of all social media platforms aside from the major 2-3 that you may be active on the most. It boosts your search engine rankings, making your company brand or name easier to find with keyword searches.


Build links from related local businesses and local bloggers. Even if you don’t live in a highly populated area like Los Angeles. A quick location based search can put you in contact with related local businesses and/or locals who have blogged about them.

Get listed in local directories like SuperpagesCitysearch etc. which give you a chance to be displayed more than once in the search engine’s results.

What combination of these tactics where you already implementing into your social media marketing strategy?  How active were you able to stay across all the platforms? Do you feel the need to reach out for expert help on your business? WeShareMedia is here just for that.

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