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Growth in Social Media

15 Apr

There was a time when the relationships between corporate entities – like CocaCola, McDonald’s, Geico, and Sony to name a few – and their consumers was nearly entirely based on buying and selling. As long as the producers supplied a consistently good product and kept their nose out of newspaper headlines trouble, the customers were happy. And it wasn’t that long ago either, back in the days of MySpace and Foursquare, before the modern social media giants took over. Nowadays, that apparent disconnect hardly exists, and for good reason. Facebook and platforms like it changed the landscape of human relationships, bringing people closer together despite the miles and thousands of miles that may be between them. And the age-old method “word of mouth” is still effective, spreading a lot farther and faster now than it ever did before. The need for user growth and social media is great, and growing your presence on any and all social media platforms should be a top priority in whatever field you’re in.

Social Media Networking Global Communications Connection Concept

The most important aspect of a strong social media presence, before any other benefit, is people and communication. Communication that connects you to multiple people, and compounds the more you grow your presence. Getting your face out on social media platforms through links, pictures, videos, art, etc., creates movement and draws attention to your site. For smaller businesses with less established names, this is the beginning of letting people know who you are, that you exist and you offer services that people may need. For larger businesses, this is the way to interact with a larger audience on an informal, connecting level. Announce sales, deals, make a Facebook post highlighting an incredible event and how you relate/were involved in it, or reply to a tweet directed at you. Because social media creates a conversation rather than an advertisement, customers tend to become more receptive to your products and services, as well as regarding you as less of a faceless entity.


What’s important to know is that building your social media presence needs to begin as soon as possible – as in you needed to have started yesterday. As big businesses, small businesses, and multitudes of self-employed people have flocked to build their online faces, social media platforms have caught on and begun restricting the ability to quickly grow presences in one easy way: by making it competitive and profiting from it. Take Facebook’s Pay Per Like. Creating a page doesn’t cost a cent, but how do you make yourself discoverable? By allotting a budget, and allowing Facebook to boost your posts or advertisements at targeted audiences, you develop traffic. Essentially, you can bid your way ahead of the competition. While this was inevitable, it’s also restrictive to newer players in the game, and it will only get stricter as all social media platforms adopt similar strategies. While advertising is as old as time, there is still time before the Pay Per Like trend takes off and inevitably abused to punish smaller, undiscovered presences. Though the process through building a online presence will likely only develop towards a budget reliant environment, for now its largely anyone’s opportunity to grow. Hence why it’s imperative you begin now, while the field is ripe, affordable, and teeming with opportunity. Reach out, let us help you get started or revamp your current social media platforms. The time is now!




Social Media Tip of The Day – Share Multimedia Content

25 Jan

Social Media Tip of The Day – Share Multimedia Content

Your Facebook and Twitter updates don’t need to be strictly textual. In fact, part of the appeal of these social tools is their flexibility in posting all kinds of content. Infographics and Memes are huge right now, and rather than sit back and chuckle; partake, share and make some of your own.

Check out these examples of ways you can capitalize on this:

  • Use a free YouTube channel to highlight events around your office, unveilings of new products, a virtual tour of your store, etc.
  • Show demos of your product or service in action through video or screencasts
  • If your work can be represented well in a picture (landscaping projects, art pieces, before-and-after job photos, etc.) consider using a free Flickr account to showcase your high-resolution images.
  • Start a hangout on Google+ and invite everyone to engage face to face in real time.
  • Stream an event that your company is hosting and stream it via Ustream, Stickam etc.
  • Create custom memes that use your companies name
  • Make an infographic with all of the details about an ongoing project.

video content

Still not sure where to start with your own business, brand or nonprofit social media interactions? The team at WeShareMedia uses time-tested social media strategy to help clients just like YOU reach more people with better results.


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